Myself and my best friend Martin went down to the splash (the river we got baptized).  It was about a month after my baptism and I wondered off to pray on my own, it was just about to get dark so it was pretty scary. My prayer was about being closer to god to feel the holy sprit to come upon me. Also there were a lot of thanks in my prayer. Where I was at the time was a pretty good point in my life and really feeling the joy and holy spirit I got from my baptism. Once I had done praying I took a step back. Literally took one step back then I felt god take over me and I step back in to the place I started praying in and started speaking in tongues. God totally took over the words coming out of my mouth. It was all God. It was an amazing feeling and to this day I haven’t spoke in tongues but I wanted to write it down so I never for get the story of the first time God spoke through me.  


Since I have encountered tongues a lot more. Also in different ways. My advice would give your heart to god and be free of everything in your mind. Try and find a place that you can relax and feel the holy sprit.


I will be blogging more in the near future about the holy sprit. My experiences of it and the ways I find it.

Matt Fleming   

i must say that in the past i have been hook to #tumblr for the cool #photos you can find on here. but i feel like i can get some much more out of it. so #2013 is going to be the #start  of #blogging for me. pictures are great dont get me wrong but writting something that could impact someones day, life, week, or just that split second it go throw one ear and out the other. its even more indescribable!!!!!

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